Thanks to you, I have more pleasant memories to add to my life. Your “abode” is pleasant, peaceful, and RELAXING. It’s filled with beautiful art work, books and more books - which are both among my favorite things. And, those sweet, adorable dogs are such wonderful company, too. So glad to be able to enjoy such a peaceful and warm setting in this busy world we are living in today. Blessings to both of you for your caring and sharing!
— Rosemarie - Columbus, OH | August 2016

Meet The Inn Dogs, Ellie & Wrigley

Your first impression of The Inn might be right upon stepping out of your car on arrival.  Ellie, our 10-year old golden retriever, and Wrigley, our 5-year old Miniature Australian Shepherd, love to meet and greet our guests.  They'll often patiently wait for you to exit your car, hoping for a simple pat on the head, and then walk you right to the front entrance of The Inn. We often wonder whether it's The Inn itself that brings our guests back or, deep down, just wanting to see Ellie and Wrigley again!  They're certainly part of the "soul" of The Inn.